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emergency response services

Benefits of Emergency Response Services

Nobody wants to experience a disaster, but the speediness of emergency response services can help to minimize the amount of time it takes for individual and families to start piecing their lives back together again. During hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, and other major disasters, it can feel like everything you know has become uprooted and turned upside down. Through the hard work of emergency responders, however, affected areas can begin on the path to recovery sooner rather than later.

GRANNY’S ALLIANCE HOLDINGS, INC is equipped and ready to help those dealing with a disaster by providing Turnkey Base Camps, sleeping facilities, catering, medical aid, emergency showers, laundry services, and multiple other services to provide a major, positive reaction for the community in need.

Major events and disasters have a way of throwing the world we know into chaos, but it also reveals itself as a perfect opportunity to come together–for neighbors to help neighbors. With the right resources provided by a fast-acting emergency response team, the recovery process after a disaster can reveal the true strength and courage of a community as people work together to restore their lives as they once were.

disaster relief showers

Advantages of Disaster Relief Showers

Working hard to help save others is a completely worthwhile and necessary, job. To keep disaster relief volunteers, Government Agencies, National Guard personnel, and even survivors healthy and comfortable, it is important to find different ways for them to refresh themselves. Disaster relief showers have proven themselves to be a vital tool for those at relief sites.

Whether they are being used to remove contaminants or just to help people recover after a long day of work in a disaster area, shower units have become a real blessing to workers. These units offer a powerful means of support to those in crises as well as for those putting in hard work to help others.

Alongside mobile shower units, mobile laundry units are available, which allow individuals to clean their clothes and avoid the health risks that come with re-wearing them when soiled. Granny’s is one of the only companies available that offer a wash, dry, fold service with every laundry unit deployed. Because disasters can take a long time to clean up and recover from, being able to bring little pieces of normalcy back to the area is very important to us. Disaster relief showers do just that, and you can feel the way they positively impact the entire atmosphere of a site.