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Cleanliness in a Disaster

Supporting people in crisis during natural disasters, homelessness, and poverty is difficult and sometimes overwhelming, but sometimes it’s the simplest things that make the biggest difference. Sometimes disaster relief services can help by doing what a great friend would do for someone going through a terrible life event; their laundry.

Since Hurricane Katrina, the increase in natural disasters has created a greater demand for disaster assistance, including mobile laundry trailers. When families lose everything they have, there is something comforting about being able to put on deodorant, wash their hair, and put on clean clothes.

Recognizing that clean clothes can mean so much, especially at a time when clothes are often all that people have left, mobile laundry trailers are critical for not only disaster victims but also for first responders and volunteers. Having somewhere to bring their clothes to be washed, dried, free of charge makes life seem more normal and hopeful.

Mobile laundry trailers have been instrumental during every major disaster in the US in recent years, such as Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav, Sandy, Matthew, and the BP Oil Spill. Units have different capacities, from smaller incident six machine units to large commercial 17 machine units. There is often a 2,000-gallon on-site water bladder storage and water vehicles for potable water and gray water removal to allow these units to be self-sufficient in remote locations or during first responder situations.

Essential Disaster Tools and Equipment

When you are partnering with a company providing relief services, the first step is ensuring that they have a large inventory of asset-owned disaster tools and equipment that can be deployed quickly to provide you with the service you need. Companies like Granny’s Alliance have strong alliances and attention to detail and provide you with full turnkey base camps or single resource support.

Where it’s on the front lines during wildfire support or providing hurricane relief services, they should confidently address complicated environmental issues created by monumental disasters.

Providing competent services for devastating environmental impacts such as the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and tornado outbreaks requires the right gear selection of disaster tools and equipment such as:

Mobile Shower Units – ADA-Compliant Shower Units with on-demand hot water

Laundry Units – Mobile laundry units are critical equipment for every major disaster

Restroom Units – Attendants to maintain the units and manage the potable and black-water requirements with ablation services.

Mobile ADA Showers – wheelchair accessible shower facilities with dressing rooms and sinks

Sleeping Units – Completely self-sufficient units are instrumental for wildfire crews, remote man-camps, evacuations, and quarantine situations.

Hand-washing Stations – Essential disaster tools and equipment always include sinks with on-demand hot water.

Potable and Grey Water Vehicles – Disaster services should always include potable and grey water vehicles to attend to emergencies of droughts, floods, earthquakes, fire, or war, where it is critical to establish safe and reliable drinking water and cleaning as soon as possible.