Preparing for wildfires is the most effective way to prevent a natural disaster from becoming a personal catastrophe. Ready yourself with these three tools to increase your safety in the case of a wildfire outbreak.

Emergency Supply Kits

What your emergency supply kit includes will vary from property to property. However, some of the most important disaster tools and equipment to have on hand for a wildfire are face masks, maps marked with multiple evacuation routes, and first aid supplies. Keep your kits well-stocked and in an easily accessible place in case of emergency—and make sure everyone knows where to find them.

Evacuation Routes

 The best disaster tool or equipment to have in an emergency is knowledge. Everyone should know multiple ways to exit your property and put several miles between themselves and a wildfire, either by vehicle or foot. Drill these details often to prevent the chance of people panicking and forgetting during an actual fire.

Emergency Response Teams

 Do you know who you can rely on in case of a wildfire? Beyond your local fire department, it helps to know what other disaster response companies you can turn to for extinguishing fires and recovery assistance afterward. For example, you can count on us for portable water vehicles, shower and handwashing stations, food service, and other solutions for on-site disaster recovery.