Benefits of a Mobile Medical Unit

In times of disaster, every moment is precious. When coordinating a response, it is crucial to remember that traditional facilities, like hospitals and health care centers, may be inaccessible or at-capacity. As such, having a mobile medical unit at your disposal may prove useful.

The Mobile Advantage

As its name suggests, the mobile medical unit acts much like a clinic that can travel to destinations where it is most needed. It can form the backbone of a disaster response program, and may also be deployed to remote areas to fulfill public health initiatives.

Mobile units include a driver, lead doctor, and a team of nurses or assistants. They are stocked with supplies and equipment to match the situation. For all purposes, they are clinics on wheels.

Medical units have many advantages. First, they are highly flexible and can be deployed to where they are most needed. This can alleviate the strain placed on other clinics–as well as help those who don’t have the means to travel to seek medical aid.

Another advantage includes their adaptability. Combined with a mobile shower or bathroom, the mobile medical unit can form the core of health and sanitation efforts in the wake of a disaster. It has the potential to save lives and provide comfort in a time of need.