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Why Are Handwashing Stations So Important?


No matter where you are or what you are doing, staying clean is crucial. People need a convenient place where they can wash up after using the restroom, between tasks, or at the end of their shift. Not only is it a matter of appearance and morale, but also it is a matter of hygiene. Read on to learn more about the importance of handwashing stations.


Whether your workers are public-facing or not, appearances matter. People need somewhere to clean up to be presentable as necessary.


Nobody wants to feel dirty all day, especially not after a shift of hard work. Providing handwashing stations—or, better yet, mobile shower trailers—will ensure your crew can wash up well and come back for the next shift refreshed.


Most importantly, handwashing is fundamental to preventing and slowing the spread of illnesses. Hands are vectors for infections because we use them to touch shared objects like doorknobs, light switches, handrails, and so on. Plus, people frequently touch their eyes, nose, and mouth consciously and unconsciously. Washing with soap and clean water removes germs and significantly reduces instances of respiratory infections, diarrhea, and other illnesses. Make sure people follow proper handwashing procedures for maximum effectiveness.

The Fundamental Disaster Tools and Equipment Needed For Emergency Response

When disaster strikes, you will need a trusted partner to provide state-of-the-art disaster assistance. Companies like Granny’s Alliance have the right disaster tools and equipment to provide premier disaster relief services. With a massive fleet of asset-owned equipment ready to deploy quickly and the skills and expertise to respond to complex and dangerous situations, you’ll be relieved you arranged for a disaster services partner in a time of crisis. Their attention to detail and strong alliances within the industry give you options for full turnkey base camps or single resource supports.

Having the right disaster tools and equipment as well as strategic know-how ensures life-saving assistance will be provided for hurricane relief and other complicated environmental disaster situations. Having a team of experienced and ICS-trained experts will give you the confidence and relief you need. Strategy and complex problem-solving become easier with more knowledgable heads to lend input promptly and professionally and who how best to deploy the right disaster tools and equipment, including billeting, showers, restrooms, catering, laundry, administration, badging, medical services, security, as well as potable, gray, and black water. Companies like Granny’s Alliance also care about your first responders, survivors, and crews.

Why ADA Restrooms and Showers Are Crucial At Emergency Sites

It’s crucial for emergency response planners like Granny’s Alliance to have both regular and ADA restrooms and showers at hand when a disaster strikes. Having ADA restrooms allows handicapped individuals to use the restroom in a way that standard portable restrooms can’t, which makes them a requirement for public events and emergency scenes. An ADA compliant portable restroom has some hidden benefits as well.

Family-Friendly Size

When situations call for offering assistance to families, portable ADA restrooms allow a lot of flexibility. They are big enough for parents to bring little children to the bathroom and accommodate strollers and car seat carriers. They also allow children to use the facilities themselves without being too close to urinals, hand sanitizer dispensers, etc.

Doubles as a Changing Room

A lot of people need the flexibility to change clothes at emergency sites. ADA restrooms have roomy interiors that allow them to double as changing rooms for responders and for the public.

Sometimes there is no better feeling than changing into clean, dry clothes after a trying time.

Ground-Level Accessibility Minimizes Stumbling

Mobile ADA restrooms are a great alternative to regular portable restrooms because they have ground-level accessibility, which means there is no stepping up or down. This is a plus for injured or elderly members of the public, who may have trouble navigating steps. Reducing the potential for injury can also help to lower slip and fall risk factors.

The following are the features of the mobile ADA restrooms and showers:

  • Mobile Wheelchair Accessible Shower Facilities
  • ADA Wheelchair Ramp and Landing
  • ADA Private Shower, Dressing Rooms, and Sink
  • On-Demand Hot Water
  • Additional Standard Stalls Included for Multi-Use Options
  • Outside Hand Washing Sinks and Covered Waiting Area
  • Hands-Free Pedal Flush Toilets
  • Air Conditioning and Heat
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting
  • Hand Rails

Providing Restroom Rentals for First Responders

With the average person needing to use the restroom multiple times a day, restroom rentals are critical to have at disaster and emergency sites where first responders are needed for days on end and sometimes cannot leave. In short, portable restroom rentals are an essential component of any emergency response plan. Here are several points to keep in mind:

Portable Restroom Rentals Lessen the Need for Private and Commercial Restrooms

No matter if an emergency or disaster situation develops in the city or in the country, there are bound to be homes or businesses in the vicinity. Depending on the number of first responders on the scene, there simply won’t be enough private or commercial restrooms available at a convenient distance. Having restroom rentals on-site ensures that the responders and any victims have somewhere close at hand if needed.

Restroom Rentals Keep People at the Location

If first responders or others are required at a site for extended periods of time, having restroom rentals means they do not have to leave the premises looking for a bathroom.

Full Service

If you are involved in disaster management, then a clear benefit is knowing that when the situation has been resolved, you can just call the restroom rentals company and ask them to pick up their property. Everything is taken care of, and there is no cleaning or transport for you to arrange.

Choosing the Right Emergency Relief Company

As extreme weather events— hurricanes, floods, wildfires, earthquakes—become more frequent around the world, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your emergency response plan is ready to be actioned when disaster strikes. Getting all the essential support services you need from one reliable emergency relief company means a higher level of efficiency, safety, and in the end, more lives saved.

Making Sure Mission Critical Services Are Provided

Crisis and emergency situations can happen quickly, so finding and securing a valued partner in emergency response is crucial to arrange before any disaster or emergency occurs. Trusted organizations such as Granny’s Alliance provide rapid mobilization and allocation of critical resources. Because each event is unique in its scale and geography, each response solution is bespoke with different levers in the emergency.

Your chosen emergency relief company should have trained teams that can be on the ground providing disaster support services to first responders, such as:

Drinking-Water – Many disasters threaten the purity and safety of drinking water. Make sure your disaster management company supplies potable water vehicles.

Food Services – Make sure your solution includes mobile units that have the ability to deploy quickly and be ready to serve large and small base camps.

Sanitation – Toilets, Showers, Laundry units are critical to providing clean, safe on-site sanitation and personal care.

Temporary Accommodations – A good emergency relief company will also have mobile sleeping units to allow first responders to rest comfortably.

Why Mobile Sleeping Units Matter

Disaster zones are full of uncertainty, and first responder crews will be expected to be prepared for the hazards that are waiting for them. Being forced into such situations can create a stressful environment, and not having access to even the barest of life’s necessities can take their toll–physically, mentally, and emotionally.

When designing an emergency response program, it is crucial to consider what your operations base should include. Make mobile sleeping units a priority. Here are a few reasons why sleeping units are so important.

Upholds Morale

Emergency response workers are subjected to conditions that can stretch their physical and mental capacities to their limits. In these situations, where disaster conditions can be prolonged and ongoing, getting enough sleep isn’t a recommendation–it’s a requirement.

Mobile sleeping units provide facilities that allow workers to rest. They are equipped with running water, electricity, and sufficient privacy to let people sleep and find a stable place during uncertain times.

Highly Adaptive

When disaster strikes, time is a luxury. Emergency crews may need to be deployed in areas that don’t allow for traditional camp structures. Areas with wildfires or remote locations require a highly mobile force.

Mobile sleeping units are brought in through trailers and are on wheels. This allows for rapid deployment and movement as the situation changes. By choosing mobile units, you can reduce the time spent setting up or tearing down a site, which allows your teams to be ready for what is ahead.

A mobile emergency response site allows your crews to work–and rest–with minimal interruption. When revisiting your emergency response program, consider your options involving emergency trailers.

Mobile Laundry Trailers: A Practical Investment

Revising your emergency response program so that it can adapt to an ever-changing situation is crucial. When planning your relief center, it is important to consider the cleanliness and sanitation of your crews. It is highly recommended to consider adding a mobile laundry trailer to keep everyone healthy. Here are some advantages of deploying these trailers.

Promotes Health

Everyone requires clean clothes to maintain a safe and healthy environment. Disaster zones create an uncertain environment in which there may not be access to electricity or running water. Mobile laundry trailers are self-contained, meaning they are equipped with power generators and water storage. A laundry center allows disaster victims and first responders a means to keep their clothing clean.

Protects the Environment

Natural disasters and accidents can destroy infrastructure, potentially creating a hazardous environment. Relief efforts must not harm the environment further. Mobile laundry units are equipped with independent water storage and disposal systems. They are also supplied with bio-friendly detergent. By choosing a mobile laundry center, you augment your recovery center while minimizing your impact on the surrounding environment.

Mobile laundry trailers are an indispensable component of your disaster recovery center. Consider revising your response doctrine by adding a mobile laundry center to your fleet.

Understanding Decontamination Showers

Decontamination showers, also known as “decon showers,” are an essential tool on disaster sites where individuals can potentially be exposed to harmful substances. While these showers might look like normal household ones, they are actually designed with bigger showerheads for maximum efficacy. By having these showers on-site, further exposure to hazardous substances and chemicals is reduced, saving people and property from possible detrimental consequences.

These showers are usually made using steel, which helps to ensure that there won’t be any bacteria accumulation problems as different individuals use the shower to decontaminate after potential exposure. The water that is dispensed from the showerhead must be perfectly regulated in such a way as to make it neither too hot nor too cold so that it can be efficient and effective at its job.

It is also crucial that these showers are installed in a secluded area that can be reached within 10 seconds of the hazardous material site. This allows for the immediate eradication of any harmful acids or chemicals that could be on a body or clothes. Decontamination is a game of speed, and with the right shower in the right area, you can win that challenge.

How Mobile Food Service for First Responders Helps

It takes a lot of time and energy for first responders to do their job when it comes to helping those that have been affected by a disaster. To make sure these brave individuals have the energy they need to get the job done, it is important for them to have a good source of healthy food readily available to them.

Mobile food service can provide immediate meals to individuals who may not be able to take their attention off the task at hand. Many of these types of food service workers go through advanced training to make sure that they have the credentials and certifications necessary to be present on a disaster site. This helps to avoid introducing more uncontrollable factors to an already perilous situation.

Emergency mobile kitchens are an impressive convenience designed for rugged environments. These kitchens and their staff understand the situation they are being put into and have the protocols in place to make sure their presence isn’t a hindrance but a boon for those hard workers in need of food during a trying time. Not only do the employees have the proper training to be in the field, but their equipment is designed to be self-contained so that they do not add additional materials to the disaster area.

Impress Your Guests With Luxury Restroom Rentals

When the majority of people think about portable restrooms, they think of small, dirty, and (potentially) foul-smelling stalls with little room to maneuver. We’ve all been in one of these tiny outhouses, and we’ve all tried to spend as little time in there as possible. While these portable facilities may be convenient, they certainly don’t add any prestige to your event, especially if you’re hosting an event where you want to impress your guests, including upscale weddings, festivals, concerts, movie productions, or corporate events. Fortunately, luxury restroom rentals will change the way you think of portable toilet facilities.

The Importance of Cleanliness

We’re living in an age where cleanliness is more important than ever–and dirty, portable toilet stalls simply don’t cut it. Nowadays, everyone is hyper-aware of handwashing, maintaining social distance, and avoiding unnecessary interactions in small spaces. The last thing someone wants to do is sit in a tiny, cramped stall where others have just been. With luxury restroom rentals, you can provide your guests and visitors with a pristine, spacious, and worry-free environment that is much easier to disinfect and keep clean. It’s the easiest way to show your guests that you care about their comfort, health, and well-being.