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Benefits of Emergency Response Services

Nobody wants to experience a disaster, but the speediness of emergency response services can help to minimize the amount of time it takes for individual and families to start piecing their lives back together again. During hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, and other major disasters, it can feel like everything you know has become uprooted and turned upside down. Through the hard work of emergency responders, however, affected areas can begin on the path to recovery sooner rather than later.

GRANNY’S ALLIANCE HOLDINGS, INC is equipped and ready to help those dealing with a disaster by providing Turnkey Base Camps, sleeping facilities, catering, medical aid, emergency showers, laundry services, and multiple other services to provide a major, positive reaction for the community in need.

Major events and disasters have a way of throwing the world we know into chaos, but it also reveals itself as a perfect opportunity to come together–for neighbors to help neighbors. With the right resources provided by a fast-acting emergency response team, the recovery process after a disaster can reveal the true strength and courage of a community as people work together to restore their lives as they once were.

disaster relief showers

Advantages of Disaster Relief Showers

Working hard to help save others is a completely worthwhile and necessary, job. To keep disaster relief volunteers, Government Agencies, National Guard personnel, and even survivors healthy and comfortable, it is important to find different ways for them to refresh themselves. Disaster relief showers have proven themselves to be a vital tool for those at relief sites.

Whether they are being used to remove contaminants or just to help people recover after a long day of work in a disaster area, shower units have become a real blessing to workers. These units offer a powerful means of support to those in crises as well as for those putting in hard work to help others.

Alongside mobile shower units, mobile laundry units are available, which allow individuals to clean their clothes and avoid the health risks that come with re-wearing them when soiled. Granny’s is one of the only companies available that offer a wash, dry, fold service with every laundry unit deployed. Because disasters can take a long time to clean up and recover from, being able to bring little pieces of normalcy back to the area is very important to us. Disaster relief showers do just that, and you can feel the way they positively impact the entire atmosphere of a site.

Hurricane Disaster Relief

The Benefits of Hurricane Disaster Relief: The Important Reminders

The Atlantic Hurricane Season is underway. As we have seen with each passing year, the damage and destruction that follows a hurricane is no laughing matter. Therefore, it is always important to approach the coming storm season with clarity. Today, we will briefly discuss the key benefits of hurricane disaster relief efforts.

Hurricane disaster relief includes the programs that organizations implement to alleviate the damage and destruction caused by a tropical cyclone. They can involve providing temporary shelter, reconstruction of major infrastructure, and emotional and moral support for victims.

Disaster relief has many benefits. Organizations that specialize in these services provide immediate assistance to victims and can address their core necessities for living. At the same time, they can also alleviate the potential burdens state and local governments may encounter during the recovery effort. In effect, disaster relief services can save time, resources and manpower, and also lives.

Living in an area that is prone to hurricanes brings distinct challenges. Therefore, it is necessary to make preparations to minimize the material and financial toll these storms may take. With proper planning, a proactive attitude, and timely action, every resident can do their part to prepare for the onslaught of the storm.

West Coast Disaster Relief

Important Considerations about West Coast Disaster Relief Efforts

There’s no going around the simple fact that disaster can strike at any moment. In the wake of wildfires and violent weather, the West Coast of the United States has borne the brunt of Nature’s fury. As recovery and rebuilding efforts are underway, it is important to take stock of what has happened–and how we as a nation can be better prepared to respond to the disaster. Here are a few key takeaways from West Coast disaster relief efforts.

Shelter: The Camp Fire of 2018 has demonstrated how quickly people can lose their homes and livelihoods to wildfires. Many people were displaced throughout Butte County, and it will take time before communities can rebuild completely. Disaster relief efforts need to take into account displacement and homelessness by setting up shelters, which must also include sources of freshwater and food.

Water: The West Coast has distinct challenges with water conservation and management–which are exacerbated further by a natural disaster. As such, it is important to spread community awareness about water usage and availability. Disaster relief organizations must also be prepared and work with the local governments to coordinate an effective response strategy.

Food: Food that has been exposed to fire can be rendered unsafe due to three factors: heat from the fire, smoke, and firefighting chemicals. Securing a reliable food source in the wake of a wildfire poses distinct challenges, which is why individuals and government agencies must prepare accordingly. Likewise, disaster relief teams should be prepared to implement programs that will respond to the nutritional needs of a displaced population.

It is never a comfortable prospect to think about the worst-case scenario. However, with good planning and preparation, an effective disaster response effort can mitigate further suffering and loss of life. It is important to learn from the response efforts of the past to secure a better future.

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The Purpose of Decontamination

Decontamination methods are used to limit the spread of contaminants in toxic, hazardous, or otherwise unhealthy materials. In order to conduct thorough decontamination at the site of the emergency, workers, and equipment that have been exposed to harmful substances must be cleaned.

Decontamination showers from Granny’s Alliance, one of the leading disaster response companies, are used for decontaminating human beings on sites exposed to damaging substances. Decontamination showers are just like household ones but are designed with bigger showerheads for maximum efficacy.

Depending on the need, these showers come with pull-down levers for forcing the water out or have sensors installed which are automatically activated when a person steps into them.

Decontamination or “decon” showers are specialized showers used for human decontamination, especially in cases where people are exposed to harmful chemicals such as those working in the oil industry. For the optimal results from decontamination showers, it is imperative to have sufficient storage of clean water in portable tanks that can supply water to the shower for a minimum of 15 minutes. In addition to being completely free of dirt, the water temperature in a decon shower should be  regulated so that it is neither too hot or too cold.

Showers for decontamination must be installed in places near the contaminated area under secluded shelters like tents. It’s best if they can be reached by walking quickly for immediate eradication of the harmful toxins on the body.

ADA Restrooms

The Benefits of ADA Restrooms after a Natural Disaster

After a natural disaster, there is a critical need for portable toilets. When hurricanes or floods have destroyed homes and neighborhoods, restrooms are often not the first thing that comes to mind in terms of aid. Just as important as food, water, and clothing, the basic concern about where to find a restroom is crucial. For families who have lost their homes and individuals who are on the scene to provide aid, having toilet facilities provides a great deal of relief. Some of the additional benefits of mobile restrooms, as well as ADA restrooms, include all of the following:

 Easy Placement

Mobile restrooms from Granny’s Alliance can be placed anywhere they are needed. It is easy to find a location for them because they don’t take up a lot of room. If possible, it’s best to situate them in the most easily accessible place.

Sanitary Conditions

In a mobile restroom, you can place products that help to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. Flushable toilets, running water, and climate control also help to promote a clean environment.

Using affordable mobile restrooms from Granny’s Alliance, you have the added option of sinks with soap, trash bags, and towels.

Ease of Maintenance

With vents in the floors, walls, and pipes there is maximum ventilation. Mobile restrooms are also easy to clean and maintain. Whether you need baby-changing stations or wheelchair accessible restrooms, you can find exactly what you need in today’s market for mobile restrooms.

Disaster Response Companies

The Key Elements of a Business Disaster Recovery Plan, Part 2

As mentioned in “The Key Elements of a Business Disaster Recovery Plan, Part 1,” the same plan does not fit every business. However, every company should evaluate its critical business systems, to determine which of those systems should take priority over the others during the recovery process. Also, we can’t stress too much the need for a list of employees and service providers who are necessary to expedite the recovery process. Create a checklist of required tasks for each person that is part of the recovery scenario. The roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in the organization should be established in the event of a disaster.

It’s always a good idea to have an offsite storage location for your back-up servers, hardware, and other materials that are vital in the disaster recovery process. Locate your storage site in the safest possible area that is far enough away from your main office, so it is not impacted by the disaster.

In the event of a disaster, efficiency and speed are critical to minimizing the damage. If you have an

organized and clearly constructed disaster recovery plan, you are more likely to be able to minimize the damage, and also better able to get up and running again after a disaster strikes.

Contact Granny’s Alliance for help from one of the leading disaster response companies. Call (228) 222-4884 to learn more about our emergency relief services.

Disaster Relief Services

The Key Elements of a Business Disaster Recovery Plan, Part 1

A disaster recovery plan is critical in preparing large or small businesses to be safe and secure in the event of an elemental disaster. A disaster recovery plan is necessary for any natural or manmade disaster—from hurricanes to earthquakes to fires to power outages. It differs from an incident response plan, which addresses and is created in preparation for security breaches, attacks, or other cybercrimes.

One business’s disaster plan is most likely not the same as another’s. Business needs differ based on types of customers, physical location, type of vertical, etc. Business processes are different because they have different distribution systems. Also, a business headquartered along the Gulf Coast would have to prepare for a hurricane while a business in California has to take potential earthquake damage into account. The key elements of any kind of disaster recovery plan should include all of the following:

  • Communication Plan
  • Role Assignments
  • Plan for Your Equipment
  • Data Continuity System
  • Backup Check
  • Detailed Asset Inventory
  • Images of the Office and Equipment
  • Vendor Communication and
  • Service Restoration Plan

Granny’s Alliance provides effective and efficient disaster relief services. Contact us at (228) 222-4884 to find out about our emergency relief services, which include mobile restrooms, sleepers, potable water vehicles, and much more.

Disaster Relief Services

Equipment for Emergency Response & Recovery

When a natural disaster strikes, your home and community could be left devastated, and your belongings and usual way of life could be destroyed. Granny’s Alliance Holdings, Inc., is here to help you restore your community and recover through our disaster relief services. Our premier response company has strong alliances with the best in the industry, offering you are our support and emergency equipment. Below we discuss the equipment we provide for emergency response.

  • We provide billeting and base camps to individuals who need shelter after a natural disaster.
  • If you are left without running water and food, our company can provide catering services.
  • We provide mobile showers, restrooms, and laundry equipment for survivors, working crews, and first responders.
  • We offer badging and credentialing and MWRs for your needs.
  • We provide equipment for medical and security purposes.

We care about the well-being of your first responders, survivors, and crews. We have a proven track record from coast to coast and are proud to have a dedicated team of alliances that are willing to work for your needs. If you are interested in learning more about our emergency relief services and our dedication to our work, contact us today at (228) 222-4884.

Disaster Management

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Granny’s Alliance is proud to be your premier response company offering comprehensive disaster management services to those in need. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our strong alliances with the best companies in the industry, offering our clients the best support system they deserve. We offer state of the art equipment and our support to the following deployments.

Emergency Response & Recovery

When a natural disaster strikes in the form of a hurricane, wildfire, tornado, earthquake, and more, our team is there to help you by offering our team and our asset-owned equipment. We care about your first responders, survivors, and crews, which is why we provide full turnkey base camp services including billeting, catering, showers, restrooms, laundry, admin, badging and credentialing, MWR’s, and medical and security.

Refineries / Pipelines / Shutdowns & Strikes Resource

We provide our support and equipment to the petroleum industry for a wide variety of services. We offer equipment for shutdowns, strike base camps, upstream, midstream, and downstream operations including mobile base camps, catering, laundry, showers, admin, restrooms, and other services you need in a one-stop-shop.

Concerts / Film Industry / Events

We help make your events seamless by offering tents, tables, chairs, mobile restrooms, showers, and other services to provide a clean and safe environment for your guests.

Contact us today at (228) 222-4884 to learn more about our services.