What Is an ADA Shower & Its Purpose?

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 is a civil rights law commonly known as ADA that stipulates that any public or commercial building must comply with ADA requirements and be accessible to those with disabilities. That means ADA showers and restrooms are those designed to be easily usable by those with physical impairments.

It is important for any type of special event or gathering to have handicapped or wheelchair-accessible facilities for visitors, participants, and guests. The most common benefits of a mobile ADA restroom and shower include:

  • ADA Wheelchair Ramps & Landings
  • ADA Private Shower, Dressing Rooms, & Sink
  • On-Demand Hot Water
  • Outside Hand Washing Sinks & Covered Waiting Areas
  • Hands-Free Pedal Flush Toilets
  • Handrails
  • Interior & Exterior Lighting
  • Air Conditioning & Heat

These clean and modern facilities help those with disabilities feel more confident, safe, and secure when they are in need of a shower. That is why it isn’t uncommon to see them not only at weekend festivals and special events but also during disaster relief missions and other situations where people will need to get cleaned on a regular basis.

What to Do After a Hurricane Hits You?

What to Do After a Hurricane Hits You?

When a hurricane strikes your community, you might wonder what to do once the imminent danger has passed. Our emergency relief company has created a helpful list to help you stay safe in the hours after a hurricane has passed.

Listen for Updates from Local Authorities – Even after a hurricane or tropical storm has passed, you still want to pay attention to local news or NOAA weather radio to ensure there aren’t any other potential issues to be aware of—such as flooding, tornadoes, or critically damaged roads or buildings.

Check-in With Family & Friends – Cell towers and phone lines might be knocked down, which can make it difficult to call family and friends to find out if they are okay or to let them know you are okay. So, try to minimize the number of phone calls you make and instead use texting or social media.

Be Careful When Outside – Even weaker hurricanes can cause downed trees, powerlines, floodwater, and other debris. If you must go outside, you will want to be extra careful of where and how you travel. Remember, floodwater can contain contaminants, including raw sewage and industrial chemicals.

Avoid Using Matches – If you use gas in your home, it is essential to avoid using any type of open flames until you can verify there are no gas leaks. Use a flashlight and, if you smell gas or suspect a leak, turn off the main valve and call your gas company and/or the authorities.

Don’t Drink or Cook with Tap Water – The same contaminants that can fill up floodwater—including harmful bacteria—can end up tainting the tap water supply after a storm. Don’t cook or drink tap water until the local authorities give you the okay to do so.

Inspect Your Home & Report Any Losses – Once it is safe for you to do so, you will want to inspect your home for any damage. Make a list of any losses you notice from the storm and back everything up with photographic evidence. You should also have a licensed home inspector come out, which will make things easier when it comes time to make any insurance claims.

As the storm clouds move away, we hope that our list will help you find brighter days in the future. Our disaster relief company has seen many communities devastated by Mother Nature, but we have seen just as many rebuild stronger than before.

Why Hire a Mobile Sleeping Company for Disaster Relief Assistance

The importance of a good night’s sleep cannot be understated. No matter what the circumstances, your crew needs to get some rest. Whether you are supplying disaster relief to hurricane victims or shoring up the banks of a flooded river, a mobile sleeping company can provide a private retreat from the stress of taking care of a community’s emergency needs.

More than Sleep

There is truth to the adage that if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of others. It is not just about getting some sleep; it’s also about talking with loved ones in a quiet moment or escaping into a book for a few minutes. Mobile sleeping trailers supply the necessary facilities for your crew to recharge their emotional, mental, and physical health.

Beyond the Basics

A private company’s mobile sleeping units allow crews to address their basic needs to better assist with disaster relief and emergency services. Their sole purpose is to make sure everyone has everything they require to provide optimal care on-site. Food, water, and shelter are critical during a disaster, and an experienced company can supply every aspect of those needs and more. Don’t wait for the next hurricane or tornado; talk to a disaster relief expert about mobile sleeping trailers and be prepared to take care of your crews.

The Benefits of Hiring a Private Disaster Relief Company

After a disaster, you spring into action. You want to coordinate rescue efforts, accommodations, food, and medical care for those who need it. There is nothing more critical to an emergency than meeting the basic needs of the victims and your crew. A private disaster relief company can supply everything you require as well as those things that you haven’t considered.

Take Charge of Your Site

Total control over your site is essential because you need to know what is happening and when. The best way to accomplish that is to choose a disaster relief contractor with extensive experience with emergency events. From mobile sleeping units to food services, a private company can offer complete autonomy over your site. You are free to make decisions that best address your circumstances and allow you to administrate according to your needs.

Help is on the Way

While emergencies don’t run according to a plan, you can optimize your resources with the help of a private disaster relief company. You will know what supplies are available, what your equipment includes, and how much support you can expect. Never take chances in a crisis, be prepared for the worst when you talk to the experts about what you need for equipment and supplies.

The Top Three Things A Movie Production Set Should Have

Making movies is all about the time crunch. You can’t afford delays, your equipment must work properly, and your crew and actors should feel comfortable. Often the most basic needs are overlooked when it comes to large movie productions, so we will outline three key considerations when shooting on location.

Restroom Trailers 

When your crew needs a bathroom break, they must have somewhere to go. Mobile restroom trailers are an essential addition to any set. No matter what the length of the production, there needs to be a bathroom available from day one to the final scene.

Mobile Generator

If the power goes out or you don’t have access to a power source, everything grinds to a halt. It is easy to overlook the need for electricity but critical to have it. Mobile generator rentals are an excellent addition to any production plan.

Catering Services

Feeding people is not only essential; it keeps the production moving more smoothly. Hungry actors and crew get irritable and frustrated, so securing an excellent catering service is a primary consideration.

Movie sets are all about hurrying up and waiting, but as long as you provide the necessities, your production has a better chance of staying on time and budget.

Why You Should Participate In Charity Events

Whether it is a mud run that means you will have to rinse off in mobile showers or a formal evening function that calls for black-tie attire, charity events make a significant difference to the people they support.

Attending functions and events is an excellent way to feel good about your involvement while also contributing in a tangible way. No matter what the cause, most fundraisers often include entertainment, a meal, and door prizes for the guests. These enticements are to encourage attendance while also providing supporters with insight into the charity.

Thank You For Your Support

Your donation is just a small part of how fundraising campaigns meet their goals. Event organizers understand that your time is valuable, and they make every effort to ensure that everything they do is for the cause they champion. The hope is that you will enjoy your time so much, you will continue to support them throughout the years.

Altruistic Efforts

Planning a charitable event takes time, money, and volunteers. They must remember everything, from the cutlery for a five-course meal to the potable water for a concert. Participating in these fundraisers is just another way to pay it forward to the people that need it most.

Why You Should Consider Mobile Food Service for your Corporate Event

mobile food service, corporate events catering servicesWhen it comes to any corporate event, figuring out the details is important, especially when it comes to food. Logistics can be highly stressful when you have to plan for the number of guests and, most importantly, the food. That’s why companies like Granny’s Alliance make it easy for corporations to prepare for their big events. They offer a reliable mobile food service that will ensure your event has an abundance of delicious choices for your guests.

Whether it has all been planned or you are scrambling to find someone, Granny’s Alliance is known for having a quick response time to meet your needs. They have partnered with some of the best sub-contractors to provide amazing food service and catering; the best thing about being mobile is that they can reach you wherever you need them. Their corporate events catering services are available for your:

  • Site Evaluations
  • Retreats
  • Grand Openings
  • Team Building Events
  • Holiday Parties
  • Fundraisers

When your employees and clients are met with excellent food and services, you’ll be making an excellent and memorable impression for everyone. Contact Granny’s Alliance today to learn more about their mobile food services and other products.

Wedding Restroom Trailers Are Worth the Investment

Wedding Restroom Trailers | GRANNY'S ALLIANCEPlanning an outdoor wedding is as enchanting as it gets, especially when you think about the beautiful pictures and natural landscapes as your backdrop. But there are other logistics to consider, and one of them is planning for bathroom facilities. You can rely on highly reputable companies like Granny’s Alliance to help you arrange clean and private wedding restroom trailers for your guests. This is a smart move because these trailers not only will it keep your guests comfortable, but they won’t have to worry about where to go when they have to go.

Granny’s Alliance is a trusted company that has everything you need to make events go smoothly for your guests. An outdoor wedding is a lot more enjoyable when you have covered all your bases, from food to music to bathrooms. You can count on their mobile restrooms to be clean and tidy so that you can rely on them for even the most luxurious occasions. They are available with 2 to 10 stalls, and you can always rent more than one. When it comes to your logistical needs, Granny’s Alliance can always make the proper accommodations.

Contact them today to learn more about their wedding restroom trailers and other products to make your special day one to remember.

Plan Bathroom Rentals for Your Event

Planning any significant event requires a lot of logistics and handling the most basic necessities such as food, shelter, and even bathrooms. That’s why companies like GRANNY’S ALLIANCE are valuable for their bathroom rentals, so you don’t have to worry about your guests being uncomfortable. Every event, occasion, or emergency situation should have clean, functional, and private bathrooms so people can have a moment to themselves.

Bathrooms rentals are an essential part of any event plan because when it comes to having fun, a major factor in how much you enjoy yourself is knowing you have access to clean restroom facilities. GRANNY’S ALLIANCE provides luxury bathroom rentals for upscale events such as weddings and other occasions. The best part is that these services are mobile, meaning whether you decide on a venue far away from town or not, these bathrooms can be set up where you need them.

Bathroom rentals come fully equipped with toilet stalls, sinks, and everything you need to feel comfortable. Contact GRANNY’S ALLIANCE today to learn more about their bathroom rental services. They’ll be able to discuss further details about your event or other necessities.

Benefits of Having a Mobile Food Service Vehicle in Emergencies

Mobile Food Service | GRANNY'S ALLIANCEWhen disaster strikes, there is very little time to react, which is why having a set action plan that covers the basic necessities like water, food, and shelter is essential. That’s why companies like GRANNY’S ALLIANCE provide reliable and well-organized mobile food service vehicles in times of emergencies. Knowing you can count on a company to come through during devastating moments to keep everyone fed while plans are sorted is an essential part of disaster relief, which is especially effective when the service is mobile.

There may not always be one safe zone during an emergency, so knowing that food can travel to where it is needed is essential. A mobile food service vehicle is highly effective as a catering service as well, which means that they can move around and they can set up hot trays and other dishes in any area they’re needed. Food is a basic necessity, and in times of a crisis having food available for everyone will help keep everyone calm and clear-minded to make decisions.

Contact GRANNY’S ALLIANCE to learn more about their convenient and reliable mobile food service vehicles. They’ll be able to address all your questions and concerns.