The Go-To Festival Restroom Trailers for Those on the Go

At Granny’s Alliance, we’ve provided festival restroom trailers for ticket holders and performers alike at significant entertainment events over the years, and we’re ready to support your event today. We’ve become the go-to choice for restrooms and showers at large concerts, festivals, and special events. Make us part of your planning process today, so you know that the comfort and convenience of your guests and performers are taken care of completely.

No matter if your event is just one day, or it’s a week-long extravaganza, we have the facilities you need. Our bathroom rental trailers and mobile shower units are up to the task of meeting the demands of large groups of people over extended periods. We have plenty of experience working on both sides of these events, including headliners and fans, and we’d be honored to work with you.

Upgrade your event with our luxury restroom trailers or showers and make it stand out thanks to the thoroughness of your preparation and attention to detail. We are happy to provide a quote for your concert or give you more information about our restroom trailers.



Questions you may be asking yourself when choosing the right trailer for you:

Can Our Restroom Rental Come Decorated?

Yes! Just request us to “fluff-up” your rental and we can make any accommodations you may want—flowers, plants, potpourri, etc.

How Do I Choose What Size Rental I Should Request?

We don’t want to have your guests waiting in line to go, so we like to recommend one toilet or urinal to every 50 people.

What If We Have Guests With Disabilities?

No problem- we have ADA units at hand.

When Should We Reserve Our Trailer?

The sooner the better! We suggest 3-6 months prior to the big day. Last minute? Give us a call and see what we can do for you!

We would be honored to be invited to your next event. Contact us anytime- we are here when you need us.

Mobile & Modern Bathroom Trailers for Rent

There may be hundreds or even thousands of people you know are planning to attend your music festival. The sheer numbers of people and the length of time they’ll be spending at your venue means you’ll need to provide bathroom facilities for all of these people for an extended period. This may seem like an impossible task, but at Granny’s Alliance, we have the solution.

Our company is in the business of providing luxury bathroom rentals for events. These are not outhouses or portable toilets; they’re well-appointed bathrooms housed in trailers. These trailers come well-equipped to meet your guests’ needs with 2-10 stalls in every trailer. Unlike portable toilets, our restroom rentals are appealing and clean. There’s no nasty odor and no lack of space, only the most modern amenities available.

Restroom Trailers That Comply with ADA

Events should be fun for everyone. However, if a person cannot find a restroom they can use, that certainly puts a damper on the fun. Disabled people enjoy concerts, festivals, and other events just like everyone else, and they deserve—and require—a place where they can relieve themselves. When you’re planning your concert bathroom rentals, make sure you keep the needs of your entire audience in mind.

Of course, we meet the needs of the entire population. We have ADA restrooms available. These trailers have plenty of room inside for wheelchairs to maneuver, as well as all the basics, such as pedal-flush toilets, vanity sinks, A/C and heat, and hot and cold running water. Call us for a quote on renting these mobile bathroom trailers.

More Than Just Bathrooms

While our festival and concert bathroom rental service is popular, it is far from the only solution we offer. We provide a range of other on-site accommodations that may prove helpful for your event, such as:

Sleeping Units: Depending on your location, timeline, and resources, your staff or guests may find it more convenient to sleep at the site of your event.

Handwashing Stations: Hygiene is always important, but it’s especially crucial at large events. Ensure everyone has access to clean water and soap to prevent the spread of illness.

Shower Trailers: If you’re organizing a multi-day event—or an event where staff or attendees are likely to get dirty—you’ll be glad to have showers on-site. Consider taking advantage of our shower units as well when arranging festival or concert bathroom rentals.

Laundry Units: Like our showers, you will appreciate our mobile laundry solutions during extended or messy events. Our team will provide clean water and manage the soiled water as well.

Make It Memorable with Mobile Food Service

One of the first things anyone asks when invited to an event is whether there will be food. When you turn to Granny’s Alliance for your event equipment, you can confidently state that the answer is yes. No matter what the location or the type of event, our mobile food service is sure to satisfy your guest’s appetites.

We want your occasion to be a success. One of the best ways to make that happen is to ensure your attendees have everything they need to be comfortable. Food is the fastest way to most guest’s hearts, and you’ll be sure to receive rave reviews when you contact us to book our mobile food service.

Call today to discuss your needs, and we’ll go over the number of people, the location of the event, and the details of the food you’ll require. We understand everything needs to be perfect, which means we work hard to take care of all the details. Our team leaves nothing to chance, and our priority is ensuring everyone has a good time. Put your trust in the experience we’ve gained over the years and take your festival to a higher level with a mobile food service that is sure to please.

Keeping Your Guests Happy

Mobile food services need to be flexible, offer excellent food, and provide superior service. We have all those qualities and more. When you cater your event with a mobile option, you open the door to a range of menu possibilities for your guests. People love to know there is going to be great food at a festival and when you provide premium selections, you give them a reason to come back year after year. Nothing loses an audience faster than an empty stomach, so we are here to keep those appetites satiated and the party going strong.

No matter what the celebration, concert, occasion, or event, Granny’s Alliance has the mobile food service to satisfy hungry guests. Even with excellent entertainment, if the food choices aren’t amazing, the seats could stay empty. You want your festival to be a success, and we can help make it happen.

Talk to us about your menu options, number of guests, and expectations, and we will provide top-quality food that everyone will enjoy. Don’t take chances on just any caterer; trust the reviews and reach out to book us as your mobile food service. We are happy to help make the experience truly exceptional for your guests.

We would be honored to be invited to your next event. Contact us anytime. We’ll be here when you need us.