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GRANNY’S ALLIANCE is established with some of the best sub-contractors to provide excellence in food service and catering. From our Idaho Connection serving the Northwest to our 5-star Southern chef, we provide the best of the best. Large mobile units have the ability and experience to deploy quickly and be ready to serve large base camps while our smaller mobile units cater to the smaller man-camps and private events. All chefs are certified in all food-handling requirements and exceed your expectations for menu preparations.
      • Experienced Food Service Units
      • Certified and Licensed Food Handlers
      • 250 – 5,000 Man Camp Experience
      • Excellent Menu Prep
      • Reliable for Quick Deployments

Feeding Large Crowds When Planned & Unplanned

It’s essential to have mobile food service whenever you have large gatherings of people that remain on the scene for several hours to several days to several weeks. This could involve professional training outdoors and location to weather-related disasters or a crowd attending a rock concert. Our company can arrange for the people, equipment, and supplies necessary to keep large groups well-fed.

Sometimes, there’s plenty of time to plan for foodservice and catering. In that case, you can take time to work with our chefs to select menus and order all of the produce, meat, dairy, and grains. We’ve found that the reverse is true as well. This occurs when you have an emergency that requires large crews on hand for protection and cleanup, such as a natural disaster. Our professionals can move fast and set up quickly, so there are hot meals for those emergency workers and the people impacted by the disaster.

Our professionals hold to the highest standards even when in the field, providing mobile food service. They observe all safety rules for food handling and ensure the work area and equipment are cleaned thoroughly. Their job is to provide healthy food that meets all of the nutritional requirements. We also offer potable water vehicles, which are usually necessary during a disaster or emergency.

Keeping Your Response Team in Top Form

Emergency response efforts start with the people–and if your crews are not well-fed, they will be unable to do their best. Our company believes in empowering emergency response teams to remain ready and able to face the challenges ahead of them. With our catering services, your teammates will be able to focus on the task at hand.

With an emphasis on speed and quality, our catering solutions are among the best in emergency response scenarios. Our company can provide the mobile units used for food preparation and sanitation. In addition, we can provide support crews to handle the cooking and clean-up, streamlining your operations in the process.

Remember: nobody can do their best on an empty stomach. Allow us to prepare the menus. We will work with you to plan meals that provide the nutrition and energy that crews need in demanding environments.

Our food preparation personnel are rigorously trained and thoroughly experienced. We observe all safe food handling and preparation guidelines. You can count on us to provide the meals that people need when performance matters.

With Granny’s Alliance, you have the resources to keep people well-fed. Our catering services are highly customizable, including for special engagements, concerts, and other non-emergency situations.

Contact us today for food service units that deploy quickly to your community. We proudly serve clients throughout the nation.

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A Company Committed To Taking Care Of People

When faced with a disaster, everyone’s first thought is to the care and safety of the people affected. We are ready to respond, whether it is a wildfire, hurricane, earthquake, or industrial disaster. Our commitment is to ensuring emergency response teams have the equipment they need to assist the people that need it most. Although we don’t operate exclusively as a disaster relief contractor, a significant portion of our services is geared toward supplying catastrophic event support.

Our mobile units offer places of comfort, cleanliness, and care. When the worst day of someone’s life arrives, they want to know they have somewhere safe to turn. Our mobile medical, showers, washrooms, and sleeping units offer immediate relief for displaced persons and emergency responders. No matter what the circumstances or the location, we are ready to send our equipment at a moment’s notice.

It is best to be prepared, and there is no better team to discuss your needs than with an experienced disaster relief contractor. We have spent years building a reputation for excellence in emergency and disaster response and thoroughly understand your equipment requirements. We are experts at coordination, deployment, and setup, so you can concentrate on taking care of what matters most, the people.

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