Hand-Washing Stations

Mobile Showers & Hand-Washing Units Offer Onsite Solutions

When sanitation issues are a concern, Granny’s mobile hand-washing units are the perfect solution. Our high-quality 10-12 stainless steel sink units provide on-demand hot water stainless steel sinks and come with anti-bacterial hand soap and bio-friendly towels. These units are perfect for mandatory food service hand washing, crew breaks, and daily sanitation. Ensure a clean environment, free from harmful bacteria, with our mobile cleanliness items, such as mobile showers and mobile restroom rental. With our help, you can aim to prevent the spread of disease and increase your bottom line with a reduction in workplace absences.

  • 10-12 Sink Hand-Washing Unit
  • On-Demand Hot Water
  • Electrical or Generator-Operated
  • Bio-Friendly Anti-Bacterial Soap
  • Pull Towels
  • Electrical Outlets for Shaving
  • Mirrors
  • Large Capacity Potable and Gray Water Bladder Storage
  • Four-Sink Cold-Water Foot Pump Stations Also Available

Handwashing Stations

Our mobile hand-washing units are the next best thing to traditional sinks. Make it easy for those who prepare food or deal with chemicals to keep their hands free from contamination. Also, don’t forget to check out our mobile restroom rental services, which are affordable and efficient.

Contact us today to reduce workplace absences and promote sanitation with our hand-washing stations. We proudly serve clients throughout the nation.