ADA-Compliant Mobile Shower Units

ADA-compliant mobile showers from Granny’s Alliance are designed to accommodate the needs of disabled users and also can be utilized as family suites by those caring for small children or older adults who need special assistance. Portable showers, like mobile sleepers and mobile restroom rental services, are simple solutions to emergency disasters, weekend festivals, retreats, or other large events. Mobile shower trailers are ideal in any situation during which power and water sources are not readily available.

The following are the benefits and features of the mobile ADA showers:

  • Mobile Wheelchair Accessible Shower Facilities
  • ADA Wheelchair Ramp and Landing
  • ADA Private Shower, Dressing Rooms, and Sink
  • On-Demand Hot Water
  • Additional Standard Stalls Included for Multi-Use Options
  • Outside Hand Washing Sinks and Covered Waiting Area
  • Largest Selection of ADA Showers in the U.S.
  • Hands Free Pedal Flush Toilets
  • Air Conditioning and Heat
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting
  • Hand Rails


Clean, Modern, and Mobile Facilities

Large gatherings of people require clean, modern, and mobile facilities when it comes to bathrooms and showers. Whether a festival, concert, or disaster, people need toilets and showers for convenience and hygiene. Granny’s Alliance makes it easy for you to rent the mobile shower trailers that you need.

In any situation where dozens or hundreds of people gather in one place for a length of time, sanitation is of prime importance for all members of the population. This is why we provide shower trailers that are ADA-compliant. These offer privacy, plus the space necessary for a wheelchair to go from the shower to the sink and the toilet. These spaces are clean and spacious. They’re fully stocked, and we have a restroom attendant on hand to see to individual needs.

When you rent our accessible shower trailers, you treat everyone as a first-class citizen. In addition to the size, our restroom rentals have the accommodations, fixtures, and supplies necessary for showering in comfort from inside lights to hot water to bio-friendly soap. We want the people who use our facilities from mobile showers to mobile restrooms to have a positive experience, and everyone appreciates the necessity of a hot shower.

ADA Facilities Made to Federal Government Standards

Feel confident about the safety and security of ADA restrooms and showers. As the three letters stand for the Americans with Disabilities Act, you know the federal government is involved with these standards. Our company has to make the ADA restrooms and shower rooms comply with all federal requirements or don't get government approval.

It took years for the government to develop the stringent and detailed standards that make up the ADA. One consideration for ADA bathrooms was the size of the space. It had to be big enough to accommodate wheelchairs maneuvering about this room comfortably. Another consideration is the height of fixtures and appliances. The toilets are taller to make access easier for people using wheelchairs. This applies to the sinks, countertops, faucets, lights, and mirrors.

When showering, the stall has to allow a wheelchair to roll right in and turn around. Easy-grip handles, sit-down benches, and non-skid flooring also are necessary. When entering a restroom or shower room, levers and crash bars work better for accessibility than doorknobs.

In emergencies, these bathroom and shower rooms work well for people who do not use wheelchairs. It allows extra facilities during an emergency or disaster situation.

Contact us today to work with a group that has the resources and reach needed to deploy ADA-compliant mobile showers. We proudly serve clients throughout the nation.