Revising your emergency response program so that it can adapt to an ever-changing situation is crucial. When planning your relief center, it is important to consider the cleanliness and sanitation of your crews. It is highly recommended to consider adding a mobile laundry trailer to keep everyone healthy. Here are some advantages of deploying these trailers.

Promotes Health

Everyone requires clean clothes to maintain a safe and healthy environment. Disaster zones create an uncertain environment in which there may not be access to electricity or running water. Mobile laundry trailers are self-contained, meaning they are equipped with power generators and water storage. A laundry center allows disaster victims and first responders a means to keep their clothing clean.

Protects the Environment

Natural disasters and accidents can destroy infrastructure, potentially creating a hazardous environment. Relief efforts must not harm the environment further. Mobile laundry units are equipped with independent water storage and disposal systems. They are also supplied with bio-friendly detergent. By choosing a mobile laundry center, you augment your recovery center while minimizing your impact on the surrounding environment.

Mobile laundry trailers are an indispensable component of your disaster recovery center. Consider revising your response doctrine by adding a mobile laundry center to your fleet.