Mobile Sleeping Units

When an emergency or disaster strikes, it is crucial for your teams to be ready for anything. At the same time, no one on your crew will be able to do their best if they don’t get enough sleep. When the situation calls for a prolonged deployment, then your base camp needs to have the proper facilities to house occupants. Count on Granny’s Alliance to be your partner during these trying times. We rent mobile sleeper trailers.

Giving Your Response Crew the Space to Recharge

Natural disasters and emergency scenarios are physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding. Therefore, your team needs to have an opportunity to rest whenever the opportunity arises. By allowing people to have the time and space to rest and recuperate, they will be better prepared to make sensible decisions and take prudent action. Our mobile sleeper trailers are designed to help people recover and take care of their personal needs.

Our trailers are available in different sizes and configurations. They also include power generators and other amenities that provide the comforts of the home. The trailers can be deployed quickly and in conjunction with other mobile support units, such as bathrooms and mobile kitchen stations. With our many options at your disposal, your crews will have the means to rest and be ready for anything.

Granny’s mobile sleeping units feature 14-bed or 42-bed units complete with an optional exterior hand washing unit which allows for on-site sanitation and personal care. These completely self-sufficient units have been instrumental for wildfire crews, remote man-camps, evacuations, and quarantine situations.

  • Pillow Top Anti-Bacterial Mattresses
  • Reading Lights
  • Privacy Curtains
  • Eco-Friendly Propane Quiet Generators
  • Heating, Air Conditioning & Air-Purification Systems
  • Exterior Handwashing Station with Bio-Friendly Soap & Towels
  • Meets or Exceeds Cal Fire & Life Safety Regulations
  • Daily Cleaning and Attendants on Duty
Inside the sleeping unit
Full view outside of the Sleeping Unit
Sleeping Bunk in the unit

Your Trusted Team in a Crisis

Granny’s Alliance has extensive experience responding to all types of emergencies, from natural disasters to job sites operating through a crunch. As a mobile sleeping company, we provide comfortable units for disaster response crews, on-site staff members, and even overnight event attendees. You can count on us to deliver the equipment you need on time, make setup a breeze, and break everything down efficiently when the need for mobile sleep units has passed.

For decades, businesses and organizations nationwide have relied on us to deliver relief during crises. Our clients include emergency responders, refineries, pipelines, strike organizers, filmmakers, concert organizers, and event managers. We have worked hard to earn our reputation for flexible solutions, rapid response times, and industry expertise. Whenever you have questions about sleeping units or need solutions as soon as possible, we’re the mobile sleeping company to count on.

Sleeping units are just the beginning of our solutions for on-site accommodations. We also offer solutions for food service, bathing, restrooms, and laundry. No matter how rugged or remote your location is, we deliver the essentials that your people need to live and work comfortably. Reach out today to learn more about the equipment and site management services available from our mobile sleeping company.

Contact us today to develop a plan that includes a number of mobile sleeping units. We proudly serve clients throughout the nation.