A Mobile Restroom Rental Meant For Your Movie Production Set

With New Orleans filming industry in our backyard, we have all of your restroom needs fit for the stars.

We take pride in our equipment and what we have to offer. From luxury mobile restrooms to mobile shower units, if you stumbled upon our page, you ended up in the right place. Our equipment is nothing less than fit for the stars.

Any special requests? Our mobile restrooms come sparkling with attendants on site to take care of any facility needs.  We are well aware that movie production sets can take you pretty much anywhere for filming, most including locations lacking restroom facilities, but don’t worry, with our equipment we can go wherever the action may take you!

Whether it is for a small production crew or a large one for those days with background extras, Granny’s Alliance has the right size mobile restroom for you! Give us a call at 1-877-GRANYZZ and allow us to take the worries of where to go away.



Questions you may be asking yourself when choosing the right trailer for you:

Can Our Restroom Rental Come Decorated?

Yes! Just request us to “fluff-up” your rental and we can make any accommodations you may want—flowers, plants, potpourri, etc.

How Do I Choose What Size Rental I Should Request?

We don’t want to have your guests waiting in line to go, so we like to recommend one toilet or urinal to every 50 people.

What If We Have Guests With Disabilities?

No problem- we have ADA units at hand.

When Should We Reserve Our Trailer?

The sooner the better! We suggest 3-6 months prior to the big day. Last minute? Give us a call and see what we can do for you!

We would be honored to be invited to your next event. Contact us anytime- we are here when you need us.