Luxury Shower and Restroom Trailers

Give your guests the luxury restroom and shower experience they deserve. Our mobile restroom and shower trailers cater to your needs, providing excellent sanitary conditions and the highest level of customer service.

Use our luxury restroom trailers at your next:

  • Wedding and Private Parties
  • Outdoor and Remote Events
  • Charity Events
  • Corporate Event
  • Concert or Festival
  • Movie Production Set
  • Emergency Response Support
  • Disaster Relief Base Camps

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Restroom Trailers

Granny’s Alliance mobile restroom rental services provide a comfortable environment for remote events, along with safe and sanitary conditions. Our on-site attendants maintain the units and take care of the potable and gray water requirements with our ablation services. Choose from our 2- to 10-stall units, or ask us about our specialized ADA-restroom trailers. The following are some of the features of our mobile restrooms:

  • Mobile Restroom Trailers with 2 to 10 Stalls
  • Interior Vanity Sinks
  • Bio-Friendly Paper Products and Soap
  • Divided Units for Men and Women
  • ADA-Restroom Trailers Available
  • Hands-Free Pedal Flush Toilets
  • Interior Air Conditioning and Heating
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting
  • Hot and Cold Running Sink Water
  • AM/FM Radio Option
  • Easy-to-Use Fold-Up Steps
  • Fully Stocked Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Hand Soap, and Trash Bins

Here are the different size options we have available:

  • 4-Stall VIP Restroom Trailer
  • 6-Stall Superior Restroom Trailer
  • 10-Stall Grand Restroom Trailer
  • ADA Restroom and Shower Combo

When you choose our mobile restroom trailers, you’re sure to leave a positive impression on your guests, customers, staff, and everyone involved in your event.

Shower Trailers

If you’re planning to set up an event in a remote area, such as a concert, festival, or overnight event, Granny’s Alliance can help. We can provide mobile shower rental services for everything, from sports events to facilities for entertainers at a rock concert. The following are some of the features of our mobile shower trailers:

  • 8-Stall Facilities
  • Easy To Install
  • ADA-Compliant Shower Units
  • On-Demand Hot Water
  • Private Dressing Rooms/Powder Rooms
  • Fiberglass Shower Stalls
  • Antibacterial Soap Dispensers
  • Divided Male and Female Facilities
  • Exterior Sinks with Mirrors, Soap, and Paper Towels
  • Covered Waiting Area
  • Potable and Gray Water Storage
  • Privacy Curtains at Entrances
  • Vanity Mirrors
  • Vanity Sinks
  • Vinyl Floors
  • Full Ventilation
  • Climate-Controlled Air Conditioning and Heating

We’re here to help no matter what you need for comfort and health in a planned event. Reach out to us to discuss your situation and count on our commitment to being there for you when you need us.

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Potable Water Trucks

Many events take place in remote areas lacking water sources. Our equipment includes potable water vehicles available for any of your needs.

We’re committed to establishing a safe and reliable supply of drinking water for your event. Our water treatment systems are portable, efficiently operated, safe in harsh environments, and capable of producing potable water from numerous sources, including a saltwater sea source.

Our potable water vehicles include all of the following features:

  • 1,500 - 3,500 Gallon Portable Water Vehicles
  • Portable Grade Stainless Steel Tank, Pumps and Hoses
  • Food-Grade Certified
  • Mounted Spigots for Filling Canteens

Whether your need of potable water is for showers, restrooms, cool-off stations, or hand washing, we have you covered.

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