Disaster Tools and Equipment

Emergency response services

GRANNY’S ALLIANCE HOLDINGS provides state-of-the-art disaster management with a history of excellence.  Our team of experienced and ICS-trained experts are here to give you the confidence you need. We are known for solving problems promptly and professionally.

Our asset-owned disaster tools and equipment, along with our valued alliance’s team, work together to provide full turnkey base-camp services that include billeting, catering, showers, restrooms, laundry, administration, badging and credentialing, MWR’s, medical services,  security, as well as potable, gray, and black water services.  We have a proven track record—from coast to coast—so you can feel confident about contracting with us. When you contract with Granny’s you contract with a company that cares about your first responders, survivors, and crews.

You can trust our emergency response services during situations that result from a major disaster as we have held numerous state and national contracts, won regional private sector awards and worked successfully with utility firms in a number of Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA’s).

“…..awesome organization and what a great job you did for PG&E when I had a chance to work with you on the Valley Fire in California in 2015” Kathy

For more information, please contact Susan Heisey.



Susan Heisey, President

Toll Free: 1 (877) GRANYZZ
Cell: (503) 332-2573


Jason Heisey, VP Logistics

Cell: (228) 213-7699


Doug Burtch, VP Facilities & Personel

Cell: (208) 283-5132


hand washing stations

Hand Washing Stations

mobile ADA Showers

Mobile ADA Showers