State-of-the-Art Disaster Tools & Equipment

When you are in need of cutting-edge disaster tools and equipment, reach out to Granny’s Alliance Holdings. Our team of experienced and ICS-trained experts is here to give you the confidence you need to know that you have the disaster management resources necessary to solve problems promptly and effectively.

By choosing us, you receive complete turnkey base-camp services using our asset-owned disaster tools and equipment. This includes billeting, catering, restrooms, showers, administration, laundry, badging and credentialing, MWR’s, medical services, security, and potable, gray, and black water services.

Supporting Your Emergency Logistics Strategies

While it is possible to prepare for a disaster, time quickly becomes a luxury once one strikes. Make the actions you take count. Our company is committed to helping clients flesh out their emergency response plans. By providing the equipment and facilities to support your teams, it will be easier for you to complete the mission and save lives.

We are a company that understands the challenges that face governments and people in times of crisis. Therefore, we tailor our services to meet your needs. From sleeper trailers to mobile medical units, we have the equipment you need so that you remain agile and ready for anything.

Our support services are backed by experience and knowledge. Whether you are drafting a new response plan or need to revise your current strategies, you can count on us to provide the right solutions. Request a consultation to learn what we can do for you.

One Team with Everything You Need

During a crisis, you don’t have the time, energy, or attention to juggle communication with numerous contractors. Rather than splitting your efforts, turn to a private disaster relief company with solutions for every aspect of living and working on-site. Our products and services include:

Sleeping Units: Everyone needs to sleep after a long day. Whether you are accommodating workers, volunteers, guests, or disaster victims, our mobile sleeping units give everyone a place to rest their head.

Restrooms: Ensure everyone has somewhere sanitary and private to relieve themselves with our bathroom solutions. In addition to standard units, our private disaster relief company also provides ADA-compliant products.

Showers and Handwashing Stations: Keeping clean is always important, even during disaster cleanup. Our showers and handwashing stations allow you to keep conditions as hygienic as possible and prevent outbreaks.

Laundry Facilities: For more long-term situations, it is convenient to have laundry services on site. Our private disaster relief company provides the equipment and clean water necessary and also manages the soiled water.

Food Service: No matter what happens, people always need to eat. Allow us to provide healthy and good-tasting meals on-site by leveraging our connections with local caterers and providing the necessary equipment.

Mobile Generator Rentals for Emergency Empowerment

One of the biggest challenges people face during any emergency is the need for power. In many disaster situations, the lights go out, especially during weather-related crises. You know how inconvenient this is. This means no internet, no lights, and no air conditioning or heat. Food spoils, you can’t cook, and everyone gets cranky. This is just the situations for individuals.

On a larger scale, think of all of the problems that happen when the lights go out. This can happen at businesses, hospitals, or schools. It’s challenging to help people and harder to keep them calm when faced with a power outage. This is why we provide mobile generator rentals. We can get these to you quickly and in quantity to make a difference in your crisis response efforts.

With some of the power back on, emergency crews can begin to repair the damage. And you can provide temporary electricity to operations with great need, such as hospitals and nursing homes.

Our disaster management company is here for you during an emergency. This is one of our specialties, so expect a rapid response for mobile generator delivery. We know that minutes can make a huge difference in such situations, and we train our crews to provide the help you need. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have.

Portable Generator Rentals for Emergency Electrical

The one thing you can count on when you have an emergency is having many people show up to help. And all of these people need accommodations, from units for sleep to showering to restroom use and even cooking. When it’s your job to get the equipment and facilities ready for the influx of personnel, count on our company to get you what you need quickly.

We know the routine for this is what we do – assist you to set up what you need for emergency response. One area of supply comes down to emergency equipment. Portable generator rentals are an absolute necessity. An emergency may have taken out your primary power source. Even in perfect conditions, the more people you have on-site, the more equipment and electricity you’ll need.

These portables are small enough to move around to where they’re needed easily and quickly. Plus, they’re tough enough to withstand emergencies. Reach out to us to let us know how many you need, and we’ll proceed with urgency on your request.

Facilities are another thing. We can even provide you with ADA-compliant facilities, such as wheelchair-accessible showers and mobile restrooms. We have a significant number of these units ready and waiting to ship to your site.

Special Event Services

We are a company that specializes in emergency response and crisis management. At the same time, we also know that daily life is not consumed by catastrophe. We are also available to assist with event planning for private parties, corporate functions, and special events. Ask about our special event services, where we can provide luxury restroom rentals and mobile medical units to your guests.

For more information, please contact Susan Heisey.

The Company to Trust When Emergencies Loom

Our proven track record helps you feel confident about contracting with our disaster relief company from coast to coast. We provide services for your first responders, survivors, and crews. Our emergency response services have been there for many major national disasters. This has led us to earn numerous state and federal contracts, regional private sector awards, and contracts with utility firms in several Metropolitan Statistical Areas.

“…..awesome organization and what a great job you did for PG&E when I had a chance to work with you on the Valley Fire in California in 2015”  – Kathy

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