State-of-the-Art Disaster Tools & Equipment

Emergency response services

When you are in need of cutting-edge disaster tools and equipment, reach out to Granny’s Alliance Holdings. Our team of experienced and ICS-trained experts is here to give you the confidence you need to know that you have the disaster management resources necessary to solve problems promptly and effectively.

By choosing us, you receive complete turnkey base-camp services using our asset-owned disaster tools and equipment. This includes billeting, catering, restrooms, showers, administration, laundry, badging and credentialing, MWR’s, medical services, security, and potable, gray, and black water services.

From coast to coast, our proven track record helps you feel confident about contracting with our disaster relief company when you require services for your first responders, survivors, and crews. Our emergency response services have been there for a number of major national disasters, which has led us to earn numerous state and federal contracts, regional private sector awards, and contracts with utility firms in several Metropolitan Statistical Areas.

“…..awesome organization and what a great job you did for PG&E when I had a chance to work with you on the Valley Fire in California in 2015”  - Kathy

For more information, please contact Susan Heisey.



Susan Heisey, President

Toll Free: 1 (877) GRANYZZ
Cell: (503) 332-2573

Jason Heisey, VP Logistics

Cell: (228) 213-7699

Doug Burtch, VP Facilities & Personel

Cell: (208) 283-5132

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Hand Washing Stations

mobile ADA Showers

Mobile ADA Showers