Disaster Tools and Equipment

State-of-the-Art Disaster Tools and Equipment

After a disaster, the road back to normal life can seem endlessly long for individuals in the affected areas. However, this doesn’t mean that recovery isn’t possible. With the proper disaster tools and equipment, disaster relief efforts can be sped up significantly. This not only helps everyone get back to their regular routine; it also provides a much-needed boost to the spirits of survivors, disaster relief workers, and first responders.

There’s more to disaster relief than you may immediately consider. For example, everyone involved still needs to eat, sleep, shower, and clean their clothes–but they may not have the facilities or resources to complete any of these basic human tasks. Fortunately, Granny’s Alliance has thought about these concerns ahead of time. As a disaster relief company, we are equipped with all the disaster tools and equipment needed to speed up the recovery, including:

  • Hand Washing Stations
  • Mobile Restrooms
  • Potable Water Vehicles
  • Mobile Shower Units
  • Mobile ADA Showers
  • Decontamination Showers
  • Mobile Laundry Units
  • Gray Water Vehicles
  • Mobile Sleeping Units
  • Food Service Equipment

Hopefully, you never have to experience the aftermath of a natural disaster. But if the worst is to happen, you can rest assured that Granny’s Alliance will be there to support you with high-quality disaster tools and equipment.