Mobile Food Service

The Benefits of a Mobile Food Service

Meals are more than mere necessities of life; they are vehicles for sharing experiences together as a group. The mobile food service provided by Granny’s Alliance does this by delivering meals that are much more than the sum of their ingredients. They provide comfort during the toils of a long day and energy when it’s needed most.

There are many benefits to the food services we provide, and the first one is the prompt response we provide. We have units ready to deploy right away whether you require our services for disaster response, a large work camp group, or a small private event. There’s no delay when you call on us.

Our excellence in food service and catering stems from the partnerships we have established with some of the best sub-contractors in the food industry. You will experience meals which are restaurant-quality thanks to our Idaho Connection, which serves the Northwest, and our Five-Star Southern chef who works his culinary magic across many locations.

All our chefs and meal staff are licensed and certified food handlers because we don’t want to take chances with the quality of our meals and the health of anyone using our services. You are assured of safe meals that are prepared with an eye toward excellence.