When disaster strikes, you will need a trusted partner to provide state-of-the-art disaster assistance. Companies like Granny’s Alliance have the right disaster tools and equipment to provide premier disaster relief services. With a massive fleet of asset-owned equipment ready to deploy quickly and the skills and expertise to respond to complex and dangerous situations, you’ll be relieved you arranged for a disaster services partner in a time of crisis. Their attention to detail and strong alliances within the industry give you options for full turnkey base camps or single resource supports.

Having the right disaster tools and equipment as well as strategic know-how ensures life-saving assistance will be provided for hurricane relief and other complicated environmental disaster situations. Having a team of experienced and ICS-trained experts will give you the confidence and relief you need. Strategy and complex problem-solving become easier with more knowledgable heads to lend input promptly and professionally and who how best to deploy the right disaster tools and equipment, including billeting, showers, restrooms, catering, laundry, administration, badging, medical services, security, as well as potable, gray, and black water. Companies like Granny’s Alliance also care about your first responders, survivors, and crews.