The Increased Demand for Decontamination Showers

You have workers whose job it is to clean up hazardous sites. Part of your responsibility as the company owner is ensuring your employees stay safe while doing their job. One way you can do this is with decontamination showers. After a long day of dealing with asbestos or other hazardous materials, provide them with the facilities to rid themselves of germs, metals, or contaminants.

Cleanup Needs Meet with Mobile Showers

These shower units must contain everything necessary for cleanup, from eyewash to HEPA filtration systems to antibacterial floor mats and more. In addition, separate rooms are a necessity as clean rooms and lockers are as crucial as dirty rooms, private showers, and dressing rooms. Everything you find in a similar space at a medical facility is available in a decontamination shower trailer.

Portable trailers with single or multiple shower stalls are in great demand for on-site cleanup. Why should workers wait until they get back to the building to shower off contaminants? It makes much more sense to do so immediately and right on the spot for the individual’s safety, as well as those they come into contact with. Feel confident we meet all OSHA requirements and provide certified attendants to offer supplies and ensure quality.