Making movies is all about the time crunch. You can’t afford delays, your equipment must work properly, and your crew and actors should feel comfortable. Often the most basic needs are overlooked when it comes to large movie productions, so we will outline three key considerations when shooting on location.

Restroom Trailers 

When your crew needs a bathroom break, they must have somewhere to go. Mobile restroom trailers are an essential addition to any set. No matter what the length of the production, there needs to be a bathroom available from day one to the final scene.

Mobile Generator

If the power goes out or you don’t have access to a power source, everything grinds to a halt. It is easy to overlook the need for electricity but critical to have it. Mobile generator rentals are an excellent addition to any production plan.

Catering Services

Feeding people is not only essential; it keeps the production moving more smoothly. Hungry actors and crew get irritable and frustrated, so securing an excellent catering service is a primary consideration.

Movie sets are all about hurrying up and waiting, but as long as you provide the necessities, your production has a better chance of staying on time and budget.