Understanding Decontamination Showers

Decontamination showers, also known as “decon showers,” are an essential tool on disaster sites where individuals can potentially be exposed to harmful substances. While these showers might look like normal household ones, they are actually designed with bigger showerheads for maximum efficacy. By having these showers on-site, further exposure to hazardous substances and chemicals is reduced, saving people and property from possible detrimental consequences.

These showers are usually made using steel, which helps to ensure that there won’t be any bacteria accumulation problems as different individuals use the shower to decontaminate after potential exposure. The water that is dispensed from the showerhead must be perfectly regulated in such a way as to make it neither too hot nor too cold so that it can be efficient and effective at its job.

It is also crucial that these showers are installed in a secluded area that can be reached within 10 seconds of the hazardous material site. This allows for the immediate eradication of any harmful acids or chemicals that could be on a body or clothes. Decontamination is a game of speed, and with the right shower in the right area, you can win that challenge.