It’s crucial for emergency response planners like Granny’s Alliance to have both regular and ADA restrooms and showers at hand when a disaster strikes. Having ADA restrooms allows handicapped individuals to use the restroom in a way that standard portable restrooms can’t, which makes them a requirement for public events and emergency scenes. An ADA compliant portable restroom has some hidden benefits as well.

Family-Friendly Size

When situations call for offering assistance to families, portable ADA restrooms allow a lot of flexibility. They are big enough for parents to bring little children to the bathroom and accommodate strollers and car seat carriers. They also allow children to use the facilities themselves without being too close to urinals, hand sanitizer dispensers, etc.

Doubles as a Changing Room

A lot of people need the flexibility to change clothes at emergency sites. ADA restrooms have roomy interiors that allow them to double as changing rooms for responders and for the public.

Sometimes there is no better feeling than changing into clean, dry clothes after a trying time.

Ground-Level Accessibility Minimizes Stumbling

Mobile ADA restrooms are a great alternative to regular portable restrooms because they have ground-level accessibility, which means there is no stepping up or down. This is a plus for injured or elderly members of the public, who may have trouble navigating steps. Reducing the potential for injury can also help to lower slip and fall risk factors.

The following are the features of the mobile ADA restrooms and showers:

  • Mobile Wheelchair Accessible Shower Facilities
  • ADA Wheelchair Ramp and Landing
  • ADA Private Shower, Dressing Rooms, and Sink
  • On-Demand Hot Water
  • Additional Standard Stalls Included for Multi-Use Options
  • Outside Hand Washing Sinks and Covered Waiting Area
  • Hands-Free Pedal Flush Toilets
  • Air Conditioning and Heat
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting
  • Hand Rails